Penny Dreadful: A Deliciously Wicked Treat

I knew, without a doubt, that I would love the Showtime TV Series “Penny Dreadful”. I tried to find out as little as possible about it but I already knew it had the perfect ingredients for me to fall madly for it; great actors I love (such as Billie Piper, Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and Joss Hartnett) and a  British Victorian-era setting.

A reclining lady with a fan

Oh my! How exquisitely naughty it is… And beautifully disturbed as well.  I think I might have to start watching it with my hand fan at reaching distance…

Checkout the opening credits to wet your appetite.




2 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful: A Deliciously Wicked Treat

    1. pmackenziedavey: I totally agree with you on both counts! The costumes are great; thanks for pointing out that they are historically accurate. As for characters sexual inclinations, the show openness was a very pleasant surprise!


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