“The 100”: A very pleasant surprise

I was not expecting this… that I would be looking forward so impatiently  for season 3 of the TV series “The 100″…

Synopsis from The 100 wikia:
The 100 is an American SciFi-Dystopian drama television series developed by Jason Rothenberg, based on the book series of the same name by Kass Morgan.  The series follows a group of Delinquents, who have been sent down to Earth to see if it is survivable. The series also follows those left behind on the Ark.


The story is much more compelling than I first thought it would be.  I love dystopian stories, but, I mean, a bunch of teenagers all alone… I gave it a chance for one episode but thought to myself it was going to be a complete disaster. Certainly, the characters do get on my nerve, but they are teenagers and act accordingly. But that’s the point. They are trusted into an horrible situation, have to fend for themselves but they are still all just kids… The contrasts with the attitude of the adults is just more an emphasis. It works well. I did grow to like the characters especially Octavia.

Here is a trailer for Season 1 to entice you to start to watch it…

And if you have been following the series, here is an extended trailer for season 3:  https://youtu.be/PKUuukxrbrU

I won’t get to see it for a while because of lack of access, but for those interested, The 100 season 3 premiere January 21, 2016 on CW.

ADDENDUM: Good News Everyone!!!!  Netflix is adding/airing episodes the day after they have aired on CW… It means that people like me, who don’t have access to CW, won’t have to wait for ages to see season 3… hooray!!!



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