Artwork for the January 2016 Creative Challenge

I haven’t completed them yet, therefore I haven’t posted them in my Artwork/Portfolio site. But I have sketches I can share with you; I didn’t want to rush to end them without putting any heart in them.  I will color them in the next few days and post them here (update this post).


(1) My Prompt:
This playful girl has round violet eyes that are like two drops of wine. Her silky, wavy, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a puffy dandelion. She has a thin build. Her skin is china-white. She has a large mouth. Her wardrobe is tight, and is completely blue.

(2) My Prompts:
This style emphasizes elaborate, flowing beige and dark red garments. Tops are typically long with plunging necklines. Vests and boots are also customary. Cloaks and ties are popular accessories. Black, deep red, and dark aqua are also common colors. Children and adults wear very different clothing.


Update (February 23, 2016):
I have an old Wacom… It saddens me to say that it is not working properly at all. I like precision coloring and it’s just not happening. Sure, it still works well enough that I can enjoy “Paint with Bob Ross” on Twitch because it’s freeform, but it’s just not cutting it for something with lineart. So for the moment,  January 2016 Creations will remain as they are until I figure out something that satisfies me and makes me feel good.

I will carry on with the Creative Challenges, post the sketches, but the final colored artworks might come later.



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