Creative Challenge February 2016

Let’s have some fun while exercising our creativity…

Every month on the 5th I will be making a “Creative Challenge” post. Those post will be comprised of a series of prompts (with a link to their sources). I will allow myself to be inspired by the prompts that I have generated; I will create at least one piece (but hopefully several) with any medium/media of my choosing.

I invite you reader, to take a moment to generate some prompts to inspire yourself from the random generators I have selected. Or if one  I have chosen for myself tickles your fancy, go ahead, let it guide you… I won’t mind…

I will post my creations on My Artwork/Portfolio site, and will create a link here. Please, if you upload your creation to your blog or website, share it with us so we can post a link!

ADDENDUM: A rule I give myself… It will always be possible to use a prompt generated for a previous month to create art as long as at least 1 prompt from the current month is used as well.


The Randomly Generated Prompts for February 2016

Please click the links for the sources if you are interested in generating your own prompts. Have fun, I know I will!!!


From Seventh Sanctum – General Character Generator 
Produces highly detailed randomly generated character descriptions in both anime and non-anime style.

My Prompt:
This gentleman puts you in mind of a sensitive artist. He has large brown eyes that are like two bronze coins. His thick, curly, lemon-yellow hair is neck-length and is worn in an utilitarian, dignified style. He has an elegant build. His skin is cream-colored. He has a low forehead and prominent ears. His wardrobe is risque and mysterious, with a mostly black color scheme.


From Seventh Sanctum – Tavern Names 
Inns and taverns are such an integral part of the average fantasyscape that naming them can be difficult (or boring). Skewed towards fantasy-style names.

My Prompts:
The Harlot and Emperess
The Swaggering Servant
The Howling Prince


From Seventh Sanctum – Writing Prompt Generator 
Get opening lines and interesting prompts to give you story ideas!

My Prompt:
She was absolutely positive she was bleeding, and that’s where things get complicated.

From Seventh Sanctum – Merchandisable Cartoons 
In a nod to the Great Toy fests of the 80’s and 90’s, a way to create titles that sound familiar – and highly marketable!

My Prompts:
Doctor Magic And The Spacecats
Lord Photon And The Moon Strikers
Vicky Velocity


From Seventh Sanctum – Bookspinner
Generates titles for books in various categories, and allows options to describe the quality of information, and to set a percentage chance for “extras” to be found in the books.

My Prompts:
The Wondrous Manual of Poems
Sleeping Patterns of the Manticore and the Phoenix: A Comparison
A Kraken’s Social Heirarchies: With Illustrations
The Sex Life of Unicorns: An Examination
Courtship Rituals of the Minotaur and the Giant: Differences

Chaotic Shiny – Fancy Drink Generator
Gives a description of a drink, its smell, taste and more.

My Prompts:
Smokey grey with lots of bubbles and a grape floating in it. The drink smells somewhat like champagne and tastes like lime. If a local buys it for a traveler, it is customary for the traveler to tell a story.

Dark amber with lots of fizz and served in a plain mug. The drink smells very good and tastes somewhat like campfire smoke. It is a great thirst-quencher.


Chaotic Shiny – Medieval Games Generator
Gives a name and general idea of the type of game.

My Prompts:
Strangers and Scholars
Requires a board and tokens. For 2-5 players. 

Goblins and Goblets
Requires special game pieces, tokens, dice and cards. For 2-5 players.

Lords and Lies
Requires cards and tokens. For 2-9 players. 

Clerics and Curses
Requires tokens, special game pieces and a board. For 3-6 players. Drinking game. 

Moons and Misers
Requires dice and cards. For 2-3 players. 









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