TED Thursday: Opening Up to Compassion

Every Thursday I will be choosing and posting a TED Talk that I think should be shared with you. I will not go at length about the benefits of it; they speak for themselves! Instead, I will provide you with the quick presentation blurb for it from TED Talk. You take it from here! This week, the TED Talk I choose to share with you is:

We can be Buddhas
with Robert Thurman

In our hyperlinked world, we can know anything, anytime. And this mass enlightenment, says Buddhist scholar Bob Thurman, is our first step toward Buddha nature.

He is the first American to be ordained a Tibetan Monk (when he was 24) by the Dalai Lama . I can really say that I am intrigued by that man and will be looking to find one of his many books (he has written many, some are translations of sutras)

It is only after I watched TED talk and read his bio that I realized that he is Uma Thurman’s father!

Live authentically,


TED Thursday: Connecting with Kindred Spirits

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