Creative Challenge April 2016

Let’s have some fun while exercising our creativity…

Every month on the 5th I will be making a “Creative Challenge” post. Those post will be comprised of a series of prompts (with a link to their sources). I will allow myself to be inspired by the prompts that I have generated; I will create at least one piece (but hopefully several) with any medium/media of my choosing.  A rule I give myself… It will always be possible to use a prompt generated for a previous month to create art as long as at least 1 prompt from the current month is used as well.

I invite you reader, to take a moment to generate some prompts to inspire yourself from the random generators I have selected. Or if one  I have chosen for myself tickles your fancy, go ahead, let it guide you… I won’t mind…

I originally wanted to post my creations on My Artwork/Portfolio site, but as I stated in another related post, I have an old Wacom, and I can’t do precision coloring with it. I will post sketches here, but until a create something that feels right, I won’t post it on my artwork site.

Please, if you upload your creation to your blog or website, share it with us so we can post a link!


The Randomly Generated Prompts for April 2016


From Seventh Sanctum – Deity
Instant deities for your worlds, writing, and art challenges.

My Prompts:
This goddess of lovers takes the form of a maiden. She has an hourglass build. She is bald. Her large eyes are green. She has rust-colored skin. She is usually portrayed nude. She carries an axe. She can induce overwhelming passion in anyone.

This rebellious god of history takes the form of an adult man. He is inhumanly tall and has a broad-shouldered build. His large eyes are gray. He has light-colored skin. His outfit is that of a bard. He carries a calendar. His lips are very full. He can age or de-age anyone or anything.

This infamous god of the sun takes the form of a young man. He is very short and has a thin build. He is bald. His eyes always glow. He has red skin. His outfit is that of a diviner, and it is mostly peach-colored in color. He also wears a locket. He carries a burning stick of incense. He has an inhumanly elongated face.

This social goddess of villainy takes the form of an older woman. She has a lean build. Her slanted eyes are royal purple. She has dark skin. Her outfit is made from the bones of an ancient monster, and is that of a cleric. She carries a still-living human head. She can twist the hearts of the most pure to evil. She sometimes takes the form of a great shadow.


From Seventh Sanctum – Adventure Site
Adventures and stories have to take place somewhere. This generator gives you names for locations to inspire ideas – or just flesh out a map.

My Prompts:
Cairn of Fire
Ancestral Island of Shadowy Runes
Grotto of Illusions
Subterranian Vault of the Wraith-king
Lost Woodland of the Summoner


From Seventh Sanctum – Alien Race Name Generator 
For coming up with names for aliens, this generator emphasizes a kind of retro/pulp feel to the names. Inspired specially by Pulp SF and Doctor Who.

My Prompts:
Astral Titans
Dreamkin Of Aldebaran Seven

From Seventh Sanctum – Tavern Names 
Inns and taverns are such an integral part of the average fantasyscape that naming them can be difficult (or boring). Skewed towards fantasy-style names.

My Prompts:
The Broken Sword Alehouse
The Marquis’ Law
The Prince’s Edict


From Seventh Sanctum – Merchandisable Cartoons 
In a nod to the Great Toy fests of the 80’s and 90’s, a way to create titles that sound familiar – and highly marketable!

My Prompts:
The Knights Of Infinity


From Seventh Sanctum – B-Move Film Titler 
Who says you need quality ideas? Sometimes you need a title like “Revenge of the Shark-Men, Part 6!” For all your cheesy B-movie title needs come here!


My Prompts:
Fascination Garden, New Blood
Pilgramage to Babel, The Final Chapter


From Seventh Sanctum – Bookspinner
Generates titles for books in various categories, and allows options to describe the quality of information, and to set a percentage chance for “extras” to be found in the books.

My Prompts:
An Apprentice’s Catalogue of Enchantment
A Catalogue of Classic Dark Arts
An Encyclopedia of Illusion

Chaotic Shiny – Medieval Games Generator
Gives a name and general idea of the type of game.

My Prompts:
Villains and Inns
Requires tokens and special game pieces. For 3-8 players. 

Beggars and Lords
Requires a board, dice and cards. For 2-3 players. Drinking game.

Chaotic Shiny – Holiday Generator
Gives a name and a description of a holiday

My Prompts:
Nandif is a civic holiday celebrated on the second full moon of spring. It commemorates a secret. It is associated with a contest, vengenance, stability and suffering. Celebrations last twelve days. Traditions include public signing of documents, airing of grievances and expressions of forgiveness. Many individuals celebrate it differently.

Pychla is a joyful holiday celebrated just after the first crescent moon of summer. It is associated with sloth, a takeover, creation and transformation. Celebrations last twelve days. Traditions include public and private declarations of intent and contests of cleverness. Many groups celebrate it differently.

Kulif is a solemn holiday celebrated on the winter solstice. It commemorates an act of kindness. It is associated with stress, rejuvenation and love. Celebrations last three days from dusk till dusk again. Traditions include public decorations and exchanges of gifts. Very few individuals celebrate it differently.


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