Shine Bright!


Celebrate your uniqueness!

You are strange in some ways, to some people; yes, that is true.  But you are perfect just as you are!!! Be you’re wonderful you. And, don’t forget, you are not alone in your weirdness.

But for today, it’s about you. It’s all about taking a moment, even if it is ever so brief, just for yourself. Chill out tonight; you deserve it you beautiful freak!

Treat yourself to some food that you enjoy. You don’t have to order out; maybe there is a certain way to prepare or eat your meal that will make it special and bring you joy. Or maybe you decide that it’s a special beverage or drink that will tickle your fancy. Go for it! And don’t forget; savor each sip, savor each bite.

Stay Tuned for updates on the “yet unnamed event”.  (TED Thursday is planned to returns on September 8, 2016)


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