The “Unnamed Festival”

I decided to just go for it and post this without more delay. Because if I waited any further, I am pretty certain I would have kept on pushing it. I decided that this whole thing didn’t have to be perfect after all! 


As you know, TED Thursday is on a short hiatus and will be back in September. I felt a needed to shake things up a little and do something completely different. I have been mentioning wanting to do something else in the meantime, an event, I said…

And so, this is “The Unnamed Festival”, an celebration about nothing! 

Yep, about nothing and everything really. It’s about you and it’s about how you want to make this time yours. It’s called “The Unnamed Festival” because it is a sort of blank slate for you. You are free to choose a name for your personal celebration, one that makes your heart sing. 

I am here to provide you with some ideas, inspiration and entertainment (and having fun / having my own personal festival). But in the end, you are the one to choose how you want to do things. 

So I will be posting without a set schedule and I will go with the flow. It’s going to be an interesting experiment.
And one more thing…

I have created, in addition a Facebook Page that you can like and share, a Facebook group for SoapBoxArcade. I thought it would be fun to have a additional way to interact other then here on the blog. I have opted to make it a closed group.


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