A glorious mess

It’s Sunday. If you are someone whose lifestyle incorporates a Monday to Friday schedule (would it be because you have a job “out there” or it’s a self-imposed mean of discipline) you might be planning the next seven days right now. Maybe you do it in details because it’s the best way for you to get things done. Or maybe you don’t plan things at all and let the moment inspire what you do next. Maybe you use an organic hybrid of the two as I do. In any case, I do hope you do it with some anticipation. And, I do think it’s important, a dose of compassion for yourself.

Why compassion for yourself you might ask… Well, because I’m pretty certain that as you look to the very near future, you might catch yourself looking back to the past week. Reflecting: was it a good one? Did I get everything I wanted accomplished? Did I waste my time or made good use of it? The answer might be “I totally rocked!”. If it’s the case, *long distance high five*! On the other hand it’s possible that you are thinking something along the lines of “I’ve got nothing done, there was so much more I could have accomplished I’m such a mess – I failed this city”. If it’s the case, please, take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

I am certain that you did accomplish things in the past week. Look back, think very hard about it. You can even write down what comes to your mind if it helps you. Think. Maybe it’s a small thing that might or might not have had an impact (on you, your life or others). Maybe you did something that gave you great joy or satisfaction. Maybe it was a thing that lightened your schedule for the upcoming week. Maybe you have done something that wasn’t on any list at all; it wasn’t planned, yet it did happen. It’s quite easy to disregard the little somethings that count that we do along the way. 

But I guess it’s possible that, after thinking on it, you still consider that you’ve got nothing accomplished. Just be kind to yourself when you think about it. Remember that sometimes you do a ton, sometimes not. At times you are focused at others you are not.  And it’s alright! 

Give yourself a break and a tap on the shoulder. It will all happen, whatever you got to do, whatever you want to do… You’ll make it so… In your own way, in your own time, following your maybe weird chaotic process that only a few others get. Love your process and “Embrace the glorious mess that you are”.


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