Artwork Created for August 2016 Creative Challenge

As stated previously, having an old Wacom, precision coloring is just not happening. It has been working well enough that I can enjoy “Paint with Bob Ross” on Twitch because it’s freeform, but I felt that it was just not cutting it for something with lineart. I am still experimenting and probably will be for a while…

If you are interest to see more of what I do, check out “The Onyxx: Geeky Artsy Blogger

June and July still upcoming… But for now…

Artwork created for the August 2016 Creative Challenge:

From Seventh Sanctum – Bookspinner
Generates titles for books in various categories, and allows options to describe the quality of information, and to set a percentage chance for “extras” to be found in the books.

My Prompt:
The Ten Tigers Book

“The Ten Tigers Book” is an essential to anyone’s bookshelf. This  well-written comprehensive guide to the Art of Living introduce you to ten practices to incorporate into your everyday life. Through a wide array of exercises it will show you ways to reclaim your sense of wonder, shift to a mindful paradigm, and enjoy a more deeply passionate way of living.

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