TED Thursday: Reinventing my Sanctuary

Well, actually this week I do not have a TED Thursday video to share with you. All of my time has been spent rearranging the apartment. Some renewal was really needed; going from stale to stimulating. I am planning to debut a grand declutter, but it had to start with this first major step. I am exhausted, but it was absolutely worth it.

Is your apartment feeling a bit uninspiring? Maybe this week you do a bit changes. Add some colors, declutter a surface, moves things around (from furniture to where you keep your dishes). You’ll breather a little better.

Just an idea: Why not keep something that brings you joy or brings you some peace/calm near your bed. It’s something bringing you good feelings that will be with you when you go to sleep and when you wake up

For some ideas and inspiration on how you could give a new perspective to your living space you can check out:

SoapBoxArcade “Home Deco” Pinterest Board
My personal  (The Onyxx) “Home Deco” Pinterest Board


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