A New Year, a New Mission


newyearnewmission.jpegTo begin with, dear readers, I want to wish you all an awesome new year in 2017! I hope that it is filled with happiness and all that you desire.

As you know, I do not like to make resolutions at this time of the year, instead preferring to make plans and set goals for myself. My absence over the past few weeks has been for the benefit of allowing myself a period of deep introspection. I wanted to not only review 2016 and plan ahead on a personal level, I wanted to also invest some time into thinking particularly about SoapBoxArcade. And so I did, and want to share some of my thoughts with you.

I want to post a little more regularly and make the content more varied. I want to write about subjects that interest me, expand on some that I have at heart. You will notice some changes as I will be experimenting with mixing longer posts, done on a computer, with other more spur of the moment short ones, done on a mobile device.

Over the last year this blog has been an exercise in blending discipline and freedom in an organic way. To allow myself to get into the habit of updating on a regular basis, the majority of my posts have been part of the TED Thursday series. I found that, towards the end of the year, it became increasingly difficult to select a new video every week. I have no wish to resort to posting Talks that I do not care for simply because it’s Thursday. So TED Thursday will go thru some rebranding. I will continue with it, and I plan to do it in the same mindset. I will continue to share with you content that I believe can enhance both my life and yours. It might just not always be TED Talks!

I am very excited about all of it and can’t wait to see where it goes. Thank you all for being part of this journey


For this post “featured picture”,  I used, as a background, the colourlovers pattern “Picture Book Dreams” from “cosmicnightrun“.  CC-BY-NC-SA



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