The Five Movements: a life practice

WARNING: This post could be considered containing spoilers for the TV series”The OA“. If you haven’t watched it yet, go to Netflix and do it now…




You watched it? Excellent, let’s go on!

It is quite simple. I am making this particular post because I want to make “The Five Movements” a life practice for myself every Sunday at 2PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST) . I thought, why not make it public and see if others would like to join me therefore making it a global meditation / global practice. After all, it should be done by five or more people at the same time ideally right! The point is that it’s a way to synchronize our intentions and energy and therefore help create a shift of consciousness.

Here is a Time Zone Converter at if you wish to do The Five Movements at the same time as I plan to do them. Again, I plan to make it a life practice every Sunday at 2PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

I want to mention that I’ve looked around a little on the internet and found that Sunday seems to be the day of choice for people wanting to do global meditation of all kinds. So if the time I plan to do The Five Movements doesn’t suit you, do not fret; anytime on Sunday will do as others worldwide will also be meditating in various form at different times of the day.


There are several results that come back if you type the words “The Five Movements” in Google and in YouTube. It seems that a lot of people have taken to film themselves doing the movements and posting the videos. I am still looking trough them personally. Some are more, let’s say, for art sake, and others are tutorials. In some cases, people will ridicule the whole thing, or if they put something somewhat decent together, they choose to talk about (or name) The Five Movements in ways that I find at times downright rude and disrespectful, like they felt a need to make it sound silly so as to be comfortable with it all. I will simply suggest you find resources that help you to learn and disregard the nonsense.

And if you are interested in it, here is an interview with the choreographer.

For this post “featured picture”,  I used, as a background, the colourlovers pattern “Golden Pocket” from “Kiki Pixley“.  CC-BY-NC-SA



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