Project P

For six long years Onyxx and I have been working on a Sci-Fi epic. The work has been slow going and been focused on laying the ground work for our vision. It is great to be able to say that we have moved into a new phase of full time writing. The entire project is planned out and with production under way I can confidently say that Episodes will be coming your way…admittedly it’s likely still a year out.

Project P, as vague as that is, can be best described as a novelized epic television show. The breakdown is like this, book one or the first tome will comprise seasons one and two. The second book will have seasons three through five, with the final book containing seasons six and seven, thirteen episodes a season. It’s a mammoth undertaking and something we are looking to sharing with the world.

So keep an eye on this space, we will update and tease you with details as we move along towards our first show date. Thanks for coming along for the journey.

J. Avery Cain @BrieCayne & The Onyxx @theonyxx


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