Avery On: Going Legal #cannabisquebec

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada I have to look at the world differently.  I have been smoking cannabis since I was 20, that was twenty nine years ago, I find it odd to think that I can walk down the street smoking a legal joint now. These days I ingest cannabis in edibles so it’s not much of an issue, I have been walking around high for as many social interactions as I have had to endure.  I have been making edibles from scratch for a little over a year now, and it begins with the process of extracting THC into olive oil. The edibles that I create, coupled with the now legal supply, produce a more reliable oil.

I prepared my most recent Southern Bud (Sweet Corn Bread) with my first legally purchased batch of cannabis. With a total of 6.5 grams of cannabis it was divided as such: .5g Balmoral (Hybrid – Mossy) 3g Tangerine Dream (Sativa – Orange Citrus) 3g Purple Chitral (Indica – Sweet Flowery). The entire process takes three and a half hours from Decarboxylation (this is the process of activating the psychoactive properties of THC prior to extraction) to the final product. That lovely mix of cannabis extracted into 7 cups of oil. My initial sixty dollar investment makes enough Southern Bud to last the month.

Regardless of whether or not you partake in cannabis the social change is jarring to everyone. Stores on Saint Catherine Street here in Montreal have to contend with long lines that that start at the Societe Quebec De Cannabis and wrap around the city block effectively barring entrances to nearby retailers. The #CannabisQuebec or by their proper name SQDC has limited supply to offer and as such is open for customers from Thursday to Sundays. The shortage of cannabis from suppliers is expected to last several months.

The transition of cannabis consumers from the black market to the legal market is likely to be difficult; the end of prohibition on cannabis will come with growing pains. This is a new market, and for cannabis connoisseurs in Montreal the journey into the legal market is much like finding a new dealer. Finding a reliable source with an equally reliable product may only be achieved via the legal and regulated market, and certainly the product that I have been able to try so far has exceed anything else I have ever tried in my 29 years of cannabis consumption.  The reliability of the legal market is far more attractive, at least from the final product aspect. That is all that should matter, but the supply chain is over taxed and inconvenient. I look forward to the day when I can go to a store down the street. The online store does exist in principle but they have at best a selection of six types of cannabis due to supply shortages. This makes it very hard indeed to rely on delivery as an option, not the least problem is receiving said product in five days.

On a purely selective ethical stance I prefer to buy my cannabis legally, knowing that it creates jobs is heartening.  I do believe Quebec is missing an opportunity by not opening the market to licensing retailers to sell cannabis; hopefully entrepreneurship will be the next phase of this new marketplace.

The attitude that I look forward to challenging the most is the notion of the “pot head”, cannabis users have been much maligned. With legalization comes the opportunity to educate the general public about who regular cannabis users are. In my experience the cannabis users I have known are more often than not creative insightful and productive members of society. So to you my friends I say enjoy responsibly and support the legal market so that it can thrive and make #CannabisQuebec a hallmark of what cannabis use in Canada can be.


J. Avery Cain

Be seeing you,

All rights reserved “©” 2018 Brian Nathan Schwartz


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