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What is SoapBoxArcade?

SoapBoxArcade is an online magazine for Entertainment-Savvy Creative Geeks and provides us with an outlet to express ourselves. It is a tool to personal development, wellness and mental health. The subjects range from technology to Jungian psychology passing by spirituality and DIY projects. As the number of collaborators and readers will grow, we hope to be able to expand our project and make it a hub and showcase for Independent artists and entrepreneurs.

You want to collaborate?

Maybe you received an invitation from us.  If not, ask to join and after chatting a bit, we will make you a writer in no time.  You then  will have access to post any time you wish to.

Some important things to remember:

  • Speak about what you know and what you care about
  • Always sign your post
  • We trust that you are not  going to post hateful material and are going to be respectful
  • Don’t forget to put tags and categories
  • You can comment on blog posts from other authors
  • If you have any questions or ideas, contact us at soapboxarcade@gmail.com  
  • Have Fun!

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A note: If you want to play with us or contact us through Xbox, it is very important that you send us a message mentioning SoapBoxArcade. If you just send a Xbox Live chat request it is more than likely that we will ignore it. But if you write a message we will be happy to make your acquaintance! Of course, you can also join the SoapBoxArcade Club as well.

We are on Mixer! We will be streaming various games there. Come and hang out with us… Follow the team at the SoapBoxArcade Mixer Page

About our Banner Photo: This photo taken in 1997 was part of location scouting on my never finished film. There are three photo that comprise the single image and the film roll got jammed, ahh the happy accidents begat by analog.

Be seeing you,

J. Avery Cain

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