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I desire to truthfully know myself. The path that I chose, I believe, invites me to act toward reaching my full potential and achieve individuation. I draw on the lead of the mundane life and sublimate it to find the Philosopher Stone within myself.

I also intend to create self-ascension as well as change the world around me by simply being authentic and attuned to my true nature. That is, in part, existing as a Bohemian, an Artist and experiencing life as a Grand Aesthetic Journey, a magnificent Opera House where many exciting stories unfold.

I do in addition seek out to find kindred spirits, a chosen family, keen to exchange knowledge, wisdom and new experiences. I wish for those people to have the openness of mind to strive for personal growth as well as a hedonistic and delightful lifestyle filled with sensual moments.

I ultimately wish to share my perceptions of reality with others and hopefully help them to make the consciousness shift they might seek. I wish for people to see the world through my eyes. If only for a moment, I want them to stop and realize that there is magic everywhere around. In everyday life, discarded objects, nature; all around magic is happening if you decide you want to be aware of it.

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