About SoapBoxArcade

What is SoapBoxArcade?

SoapBoxArcade is an online magazine for Entertainment-Savvy Creative Geeks and provides us with an outlet to express ourselves. It is a tool to personal development, wellness and mental health. The subjects range from technology to Jungian psychology passing by spirituality and DIY projects. As the number of collaborators and readers will grow, we hope to be able to expand our project and make it a hub and showcase for Independent artists and entrepreneurs.

The Onyxx

I am a creative mind and an eternal student. I like to surround myself with stimulating companions, a tribe of kindred spirits to share new strange adventures with. I believe in living a rich existence on a very limited budget. My philosophy of life/spiritual path is a mix of Buddhism, quantum mysticism and shamanism.

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Jackson Avery Cain

Raised on a steady diet of arcade games, I came to appreciate all that a quarter in the right hands can achieve. I post about Xbox related contests on Twitter @last_arcade and you can also follow me on Twitch as Last_Arcade. “

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Maybe you received an invitation from us.  If not, ask to join and after chatting a bit, we will make you a writer in no time.  You then  will have access to post any time you wish to.

Some important things to remember:

  • Speak about what you know and what you care about
  • Always sign your post
  • We trust that you are not  going to post hateful material and are going to be respectful
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  • If you have any questions or ideas, contact us at soapboxarcade@gmail.com  
  • Have Fun!