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Here are brief description of each of the columns you will find on SoapBoxArcade. To see all post under a main category/column (for example you want to see all “Reviews”), simply click the review link here or in the drop down menu above)

Our opinion (and also a first look/impression) various subjects. Short or long.

Reviews of all kinds. We do not let ourselves be stopped by the fact of something being recent or not.

  • Gold Standard
    Reviews of Xbox Games available to download, for free, each month for Xbox Gold Members.
  • Movie Night
    We really enjoy watching movies of all kinds. We sometimes end up doing double feature nights and/or follow a theme.
  • Game Reviews
    We are on Xbox One.
  • TV Series Reviews
    Those reviews in general will be either when we have finished to watch a TV series completely, when we have finished a season, or when we have watched all that is currently available to us.
  • Music Reviews
    Usually will apply to a review of a full album. But also might be for a particular track and/or videoclip that blew our mind.
  • Book Reviews 
    Reviews of a variety of books. Those will also usually appear on our Goodreads profiles (The Onyxx and Jackson Avery Cain)

The art of living and loving.

  • Epic Living
    How to make your life fantastic. Love yourself. Live richly on a limited budget. DIY ideas. Creativity. Spirituality. Relationships. Fun.
  • Creative Challenges
    Prompts and ideas to spark your creativity!
  • TED Thursday
    Every Thursday I will be choosing and posting a TED Talk that I think should be shared with you

Bite size posts that you can quickly savor when you have a moment to spare. Interesting stuff that we thought you should be aware of… 

  • Game Snacks
    About games. I few thoughts, a screenshot, a video, a link, etc …
  • Video Snacks
    A video (of non-musical nature) with a few thoughts.
  • Movie Snacks
    A movie trailer with a few thoughts
  • Audio/Videoclip Snacks
    A videoclip (in a more traditional sense) or a video that has signing. With a few thoughts.
  • Featured Feed
    A link from my rss feeds that I thought I should share with others

Post Series
Here you will find the post series, past or present. Limited time or ongoing. (Coming soon)